Spa Parties

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Want to celebrate a Girlfriend Get Together, a Birthday – a half day Staff Retreat- or just a special day at a very special place?
Looking for a way to make your friend’s birthday an unforgettable one? Or just a fun girls night out? Kick back in a comfy spa robe and let us do all the work. Because you all deserve it.

Spa Parties will provide an exciting combination of treatments together as a group with individual Spa treatments in privacy and light snacks, brunch, lunch or dinner together. Spa Party Packages are customized to each person’s needs.

Now that’s a party to remember!

Please discuss options & pricing for groups of 3, 6 or more with us. Spa parties need to be booked in advance, require a down payment and may not be possible on all weekdays.

Please note:
We do offer a range of food & drinks at the Spa and have a  balcony facing the garden or a terrace, where you could have a meal and drinks. Therefore bringing outside food & drinks with you is not permitted. We do not have / sell any alcoholic beverages. You are also most welcome to bring your birthday cake.

In the interest of other guest coming for Spa treatments the guest of a Spa Party can use the Spa lounge / Garden up to 1 hour after the Spa treatments are finished, if you do not order food from us. If you do, you may stay up to 1 1/2 hours after finishing your spa treatments.

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