SPA Packages


Hot Stone Body Ritual

Foot Wash, Hot Stone Massage & Face Massage
Price: * ( non member price)

2 hours Rp. 495.000

Our Ritual brings together the ancient Hot Stone Massage that relieves pain and promotes peace and harmony with the best nature has to offer for your face a natural face massage leaving your face soft and revitalised.

Relaxing Ritual

Foot Wash Ritual, Aromatherapy Body Massage, Natural Facial
Price: * ( non member price)

2 hours Rp. 465.000

let us pamper you top to toe to bring you the ultimate in rejuvenation and relaxation.

Energizing Ritual

Foot Wash Ritual, Coffee Cinnamon Scrub, Body Massage, Face Massage, Coffee Latte Lotion
Price: * ( non member price)

2 hours Rp. 575.000

This ritual will rejuvenate your skin, warm up muscles and loosening surface blockages and leaving your facial skin glowing and supple. The unique coffee scent will energise your mind.

Lost in Lavender Ritual

Hot steam shower, Lavender Scrub, Lavender Aromatherapy Lavender Massage, Face Massage
Price: * ( non member price)

2,5 hours Rp. 660.000

Traditional Body Ritual

Steam Shower, Javanese Lulur Scrub, Traditional Massage, Face Massage, Ylang Ylang – Jasmin Body Lotion
Price: * ( non member price)

2,5 hours Rp. 660.000

Allow a blend of Javanese native herbs and spices to guide your body through this journey of ritual cleansing, tropical heat & humidity and deep relaxing massage for body and face.

De-Tox Body Ritual

Steam Shower, Sea Mint Salt Scrub, Dead Sea Mud Body Mask, Body Massage, Sea Mint Algae Bath. Sea Mint Body Lotion
Price: * ( non member price)

4 hours Rp. 850.000

Unwind body and soul and float through the ocean richness. Allow the enriched salts and minerals of the dead sea to deeply detoxify your body and Seaweed – a symbol of life containing a natural concentrate of essential elements to replenish body and skin and leave you with an invigorating feeling of softness and suppleness.

Papaya Whitening Body Ritual

Steam Shower, Papaya Whitening Scrub, Papaya Enzyme Body Mask, Body Massage, Body Lotion.
Price: * ( non member price)

4 hours Rp. 870.000

This top to toes experience will renew your skin back to what you were born with.The Papaya Whitening Scrub smoothly removes the darker top skin layer, while active ingredients; papaya enzyme and hibiscus extract help to make skin appear lighter.

The Papaya Enzyme Body Mask draws out impurities and toxins from the skin and will naturally highlight the skin after exfoliation.(100% natural ingredients sourced from plants & organic extracts)

Chocolate Ritual

Hot Steam Shower, Chocolate (or other choice) Aromatherapy Massage, Chocolate Strawberry Scrub, White Chocolate Body Lotion, Natural Chocolate Facial
Price: * ( non member price)

3 hours Rp. 750.000

Enjoy chocolate without a single calorie! Pamper yourself, your sweetie – or both of you at Puri Santi. The indulgent chocolate strawberry scrub and cocoa massage will leave skin exfoliated, relaxed and smooth. Experience natural benefits from the antioxidants and caffeine in chocolate, which stimulate the circulatory system and soften skin.

Customised Packages – in our VIP Suite

Room rental fee excluding treatments:

price : * ( non member price)

2  hours Rp. 185.000 (single) Rp. 285.000 (couple)
3  hours Rp. 255.000 (single) Rp. 375.000 (couple)
4  hours Rp. 295.000 (single) Rp. 435.000 (couple)
4,5 hours Rp. 315.000 (single) Rp. 445.000 (couple)

Design your own Spas Package: Our luxurious couple suite with private Jacuzzi and steam room can be rented for single users or couples for at least 2 hours. Folding doors to the garden can be opened up.

You pay a la carte for the individual treatments and add the room rent on top of that. (Use of the steam room is free, but Jacuzzi is charged as under Bath Therapies.)

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