Body Scrubs

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You can choose between 2 options:

1h Body Treatment including a short massage before applying the scrub.
Finished with a body lotion. This is the ideal add on if you design your own ‘a la carte” Spa Package.

Price: *(non member price)

       1 hours       Rp. 250.000

1h 45min Body Treatment including 1h Aromatherapy Massage, 30 min Body Scrub, Hot Shower & Body Lotion.

Price: *(non member price)

1h 45 min Rp. 410.000

Coffee Cinnamon

The strong Balinese coffee scent will energise your mind. Coffee supplies anti-oxidants to your skin instantly. Made from rice powder that scrapes off dead skin cells; cinnamon that creates soothing sensation and relieves stress.


Chocolate contains huge amounts of anti-oxidants and perfectly hydrates and soothes skin with its excellent emollient properties. Chocolate is very skin softening and soothing to the mind, body and soul.

Sea Salt, Algae & Mint

The almond, seaweed and salt base is very effective for drawing out impurities while peppermint and basil essential oils purify and purge toxins from your skin.

Javanese Lulur

This perfect exfoliator is made of a blend of Javanese native herbs and spices, added with orange that work as an antiseptic, and helps to reduce spots on the skin. This colorless Javanese Lulur will bring back your beautiful skin when used regularly.

Strawberry & Apricot

Apricot seeds exfoliate the dead skin cells and Strawberry disinfects the skin, smooth it out, clear up acne and oiliness and decrease the appearance of dilated pores. This scrub gel will make your skin younger and smoother.

Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in Vitamin C and E and its antioxidant powers protect your skin from free radicals and environmental factors that age the skin. It also protects the collagen and the cells in general. Green Tea helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin.


Lavender promotes the growth of new skin cells and protects new skin against irritation. The Lavender scent also provides a relaxing & calming effect for body and mind. This gentle but thorough exfoliation using natural ingredients provides effective removal of dry/dead skin cells, evens out skin tone and texture and draws out impurities from the skin.

Papaya Whitening

Brighten up your skin, naturally. Made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from plants & organic extracts. Papaya Whitening Scrub Gel allows exfoliating particles to smoothly remove the darker top skin layer, while active ingredients; papaya enzyme and hibiscus extract help to make skin appear lighter.

Rose and Rosella Lulur

The Rose Aromatherapy Massage is beneficial for dry, sensitive or aging skin. Rose is relaxing to the nervous system and reduces emotional stress. Rosella Lulur (Scrub) contains enzymes, which reduce and soften the horny layer of the skin and improve skin flexibility and elasticity.
Body and Skin treatments from traditional village recipes based upon natural and indigenous ingredients inspired by ancient Indonesian beauty treatments. Each scrub includes a short massage before applying the scrub.

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