Body Massage


Puri Santi Signature Massage

Price: *(non member price)

1.5 hours Rp. 375.000
2.0 hour Rp. 465.000

Our unique blend of relaxing massage techniques is an experience of touch, that will harmonize your bodies energies.
Together with a choice of blended aromatherapy oils this will relieve tension, improve circulation, and promote harmony of body, mind and soul.

Aroma Therapy Massage

Price: *(non member price)

1.0 hour  Rp. 255.000
1.5 hours Rp. 360.000

Deep relaxing massage with your choice of aroma therapy oil to soothe and relax fatigued nerves and muscles.
Our Aromatherapy Massage will renew, strengthen and heal the body by stimulating the mind- body connection and encouraging really deep relaxation.
Our Essential Oils:  Chocolate, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Tea Tree, Lemon-grass

Traditional Massage

Price: *(non member price)

1.0 hour Rp. 255.000
1.5 hours Rp. 360.000

A traditional village massage with muscle warm up followed by deep thumb and palm

pressure to loosen tense muscle tissue to bring you the ultimate in rejuvenation and relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

Price: *(non member price)

1.5 hours Rp. 395.000
2.0 hour Rp. 495.000

A truly relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished basalt stones will rest on and glide across your body.

The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.

Hot Herbal Compress Massage

Price: *(non member price)

1.0 hour Rp. 275.000
1.5 hours Rp. 395.000

This unique treatment combines traditional massage techniques with hot herbal compress focusing on muscle tensions in feet, back, neck & shoulders.

The hot herbal compresses are used on the body by patting, pounding or rolling them onto the skin.
The deep penetrating warmth helps to open the pores, & blended herbs sooth and alleviates muscle tension, aches and pains, and trigger a powerful body purification and detoxification process. It soothes away stress & tension calming the mind & providing deep relaxation

Back & Shoulder Massage

Price: *(non member price)

30 min. in lounge Rp. 135.000
45 min. in room Rp. 215.000

Our Back & Shoulders massage helps alleviate deep rooted tension in the back, shoulders and neck muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and tension free.

Head Massage

Melt away the stress, clear your mind and relax your body

Price: *(non member price)

30 min Rp. 135.000

Prenatal Massage

For new or expecting mother, this massage aimed at alleviating pre or post natal discomfort adapted for ultimate comfort.

60 min Rp. 285.000
1.5 hour Rp. 410.000


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