Bath Therapies

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Algae Sea Mint Bath

Price: *(non member price)

1/2 hour Rp. 130.000

The almond, seaweed and salt base is very effective for drawing out impurities, replenish depleted minerals to tired skin while peppermint and basil essential oils purify and purge toxins from your skin.

Floral Bath

Price: *(non member price)

1/2 hours Rp. 140.000

Floral Enriched Bath lets you soak in luxury! This indulgent combination of enriched milk plus lavender and ylang ylang essential oils will work wonders for tired skin.

Jacuzzi Bath

1/2 hour Price: *(non member price)

1st person Rp. 164.000
2nd persons Rp. 145.000

Get in, lay back and relax. Enjoy the motion of the water. Take in the nice, stimulating scents of the candles, enjoy the garden view from our VIP suite, feel the warm water as the jets vibrate. Let the gently moving water soothe your sore muscles – this water therapy is excellent for weak muscles.

Hot Steam Shower

Price: *(non member price)

Enjoy our steam room with steam between 42 – 47 C for 20 minutes scented with aroma therapy essential oils and have a cold shower afterwards. Great for detoxification and stimulating your circulation.

20 min Rp. 115.000

Each Bath is in a private suite with relaxing music and candles.
A wonderfully luxurious and therapeutic bath experience
including face acupressure and body lotion.

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