Gift Voucher


A Gift voucher for a Spa package is the perfect present for your partner for an anniversary, or a birthday – for your friends, or your children.

Also grate to give as an incentive for your staff.

How to buy a Gift Voucher

  1. Select the Spa Package or Treatment you like to give – or if you are not sure what to give just choose an amount. The person who gets the voucher can than use the amount step by step as they have time, we will track the remaining balance.
  2. You pay for the gift voucher either by cash or by Visacard, Mastercard or Bank Mandiri card.
  3. We issue your name, the name of the person who gets, the gift and the Spa package you like to give.
  4. Gift Vouchers are valid 2 month after the purchase date.

Online Purchase

You do not have the time to buy the gift voucher yourself – or you live far away?

  1. Just email us for which Spa Package or amount you like to buy a voucher and to whom you like to give the voucher.
  2. We will email you an invoice with instructions how to pay online by credit card over the internet – or how to make a bank transfer.
  3. We will than email you the gift voucher and you print it out yourself or email it to the person whom you like to give it to.

General Conditions for Gift Vouchers:

Gift vouchers can’t be returned once issued.
Remaining balances can’t be refunded, but you can pay for the difference between a treatment and the remaining balance. (e.g there are Rp. 100.000 left on your voucher and you like to get a treatment for Rp. 180.000 – you can pay the difference of Rp. 80.000)
* all prices already include 10% Government tax

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